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You are making a difference

You are having an impact. The question is, what kind of impact?

Traveling can be filled with stress, and anxiety and sometimes is just plain exhausting. The last thing weary travelers need is bad attitudes. Recently, I've seen new signs in the airport. "Please be patient and kind with your fellow travelers and our staff."

Sadly, it seems kindness is no longer the norm, and we must remind people of the lessons our mothers taught us.

Grabbing a bottle of water before my fight, I stopped at the airport store near the gate. I set the water bottle on the counter and the clerk told me the price and then kept talking. I said, excuse me? He waived me off and pointed to his ear. It was then that I noticed he had AirPods in his ear, and he was talking to someone on the phone. I paid him and he kept talking on the phone. It was clear he didn't like his job.

As we walked down the jetway to board, I kept hearing this: "You folks have a great day, thanks for flying with us." When I got closer, led to this exchange: Jeff: We couldn't do this without you — so thank you!

Delta employee: And I wouldn't have a job without you flying, so I guess we need each other.

Fist bump.

This was not the pilot or the flight attendant, it was the baggage handler waiting to take the gate-checked bags.

When someone loves their job, not only is it obvious, their joy is infectious. The same is true for those who don't love their job. I imagine baggage handling is not a glamorous job, but this man was making the most of his job and having a positive impact on the passengers flying that day with his smile and his joy. He was also enhancing the Delta brand with his joy. The clerk at the store was also having an impact — a negative one.

How are you making people feel while you're working? Do you spread joy and make people feel welcomed and appreciated? It's so simple to do yet an opportunity so often missed. The consequences can be devastating.

At RAB, we share the three nonverbals you should exude in every interaction:

Joy - Happiness is situationally dependent, but joy comes from a strong purpose, a servant's heart and a belief that life is good.

Confidence - Confidence comes from continuous improvement and knowing that you know what you're doing and you're good at it.

Passion - Passion simply means you love what you're doing.

It makes no difference what level you are in the organizational chart. C-suite or front lines, these three qualities impact your customers, your own sense of fulfillment and your brand.

This weekend, reflect on how you treat people, and more importantly, how you make them feel. We can all change the world, one personal interaction at a time.

Jeff Schmidt is SVP-Professional Development at the Radio Advertising Bureau. You can reach Jeff at or follow him on social media: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Source: Jeff Schmidt, SVP of Professional Development, RAB