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What do you want from me?

Ever deal with an angry or unhappy client? Have you thought to yourself, "What do you want from me?" Generally, when dealing with upset people, it's because we didn't meet their expectations. This happens in friendships, family relationships and business relationships — unmet expectations cause angst.

Wouldn't it be beneficial to know the expectations BEFORE you engage with a client so that you have a fair shot at meeting and exceeding them? At the beginning of last week, I had the honor of hosting a panel of advertisers at the Ontario Association of Broadcasters annual convention. Being able to hear directly from clients in key categories about what they need from us kept everyone on the edge of their seats. The panelists were:

Lindsay Glendenning, OMD Worldwide

Andy Caletti, Erin Park Lexus/Toyota

Tom Mihalik, Tom's Place men's clothing store

Here's what they told us when we asked, "What do you want from us?"

Andy - Bring me information and understand my business; don't just pitch me that you're number one or your latest package.

Lindsay - Keep me updated on what's going in in the market; help me know the retail scenes so I can advise my clients.

Tom - Basketball tickets, bring me basketball tickets! (Tom had a great sense of humor.) Seriously, I'm looking for loyalty and partnership. I want someone who brings me ideas, helps me craft messaging and helps me to best communicate to their audience.

It was gratifying to hear how radio has impacted their business and all the things we are doing right. It was also instructional to hear them talk about the things that drive them nuts about media reps:

Lindsay - Stop calling me and asking me if I have anything for you — bring something to me.

Andy - Quit telling me you're number one and that I must be on your station. I care more about understanding your audience and their lifestyle than I care about the size of the audience.

Tom - I'm too nice to say no, but unless you bring something of value and something I need, I will keep meeting with you, but I'll never buy.

Here is some more great news... All three of the advertisers said that only radio reps called them during the pandemic to just check on them, ask them how they are doing and what they could do to help. That level of concern and compassion is empathy. Then with your marketing and business acumen (expertise) you help identify solutions to the business problems, and your problem-solving skills bring it all together.



Problem-solving skills

It was a great day to be in the audience listening to these clients tell us how important radio is to their marketing efforts and the success of their businesses. Thanks to Val Skivington and the Ontario broadcasters for bringing a fantastic panel of advertisers together. Advertisers want partners not vendors. They want people who care and have an authentic interest in their business. These are the things we as media sellers have done and need to continue to do to earn the trust and loyalty of businesses in our market.

Happy Halloween and happy Monday!

Jeff Schmidt is the SVP of Professional Development. You can reach him at You can also connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Source: Jeff Schmidt, SVP of Professional Development, RAB