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How to avoid leaving dollars on the table with integrated campaigns

As a media seller, you want to capture as many dollars as possible from advertisers. To ensure you can do this, you'll need to expand your portfolio of options to include linear and third-party digital. As we know from countless sources, digital spend is increasing, while linear will be mostly flat in 2023.

We have a customer that did just that with the metrics. One of our midsize radio clients experienced a 15% boost in digital sales growth after adding it to their solutions. Another media company customer, which reaches 1.5 million residents, got a jump-start with digital with the right platform. It resulted in 10 new advertisers in only a few months and allowed them to expand their reach to advertisers like trucking companies seeking drivers.

To find similar success, you'll need these things in place:

An easy-to-use platform that consolidates the entire process: proposals, orders, reports and invoices.

The ability to build proposals in one place with all the right components and to package linear and digital together.

A way to execute multiple tactics with many targeting capabilities.

Continued training and upskilling on how to use your platform and improve digital knowledge.

No matter where you are on the third-party digital path, the technology you adopt will help you navigate it or leave you lost. Find a partner, not a vendor and set yourself up for success.

With this in place, you can go after accounts with a greater interest in digital versus linear. You can also upsell to current radio ad buyers. Additionally, you can create long-term campaigns with multiple tactics. That way, your revenue gets a boost, and advertisers typically see better results.

Source: Todd Kalman, SVP sales, Marketron