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This week in the United States, we celebrate Thanksgiving.  A day to pause, eat, reflect on all the blessings in our lives, and eat.  Did I mention the eating part?  LOL. 

I have had the privilege and pleasure of writing sales tips for Radio Sales Today for the past eight years.  In that time, I have developed great relationships with loyal readers and enjoyed great debates with people who love challenging some of our advice. You have also shared great success stories and anecdotes to help your fellow broadcasters. You saw an example of that from Debra on Friday.  We are a community based on our shared love for the industry and the clients we serve.  It’s always inspiring to hear from people who share a “servant-selling mindset.” 

One of my passions is getting better. To fuel my quest for knowledge and improvement, I read and listen to a lot of books.  If you’ve attended RAB live training events, you’ve no doubt heard me share titles and authors of what I’m reading at the time.  This week, Milton Glueck from Salem Media in San Antonio sent me a note - he asked: “So what are you reading these days?”  In the spirit of appreciation and “sharing is caring,” I’d like to share what’s on the top of my reading list currently. Then, ask that you share your most recent or impactful reading.

 Here are my current top five: 

  1. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Steven Covey.  I love to reread some of the stuff I’ve read.
  2. Profit Heros - Bob Rickert
  3. Emotional Intelligence 2.0 - Travis Bradberry
  4. Why Does The Peddler Sing? – Paul Feldwick (a fun read and with his accent even better on Audible)
  5. Song of Significance – Seth Godin. His latest creation

 Links are provided to find the titles on Amazon for reference only.  We much prefer you support your local bookstore and shop locally.  Now it’s your turn.  Please email me here with your top 5 so I can combine the lists and share them with everyone so we have some great holiday reading. 

 We are thankful for you on so many levels. As members, as broadcasters, as people who have a daily, positive impact on your communities, and just for being the great person you are.  Please know that every team member at RAB shares in this appreciation. Our passion is to serve you so that you can serve your communities. 

 We work in the most incredible industry with the most remarkable people.  “As God as my witness, I thought for sure Turkeys could fly.”  Only readers of a certain age will catch that reference J. Here’s the link to watch five minutes of pure “radio” gold.

 Thank you. We appreciate you and hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Source: Jeff Schmidt, SVP of Professional Development