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What is an objection, anyway?

Here's a friendly reminder of the definition of an objection. It's a sign of interest; a request for more information or a prospect's concern or fear that needs to be satisfied in order to continue guiding the buyer through your sales process and to its natural conclusion.

If you stop and think about it, the top objections you hear is the person actually saying, "No?" The prospect is not saying "No, I don't want to and never will use your product or service or buy from you." What they are really saying is, "I'm saying 'No' or a form of 'No' because you haven't given me enough of a compelling reason to buy from you or have satisfied all of my concerns and priorities."

In other words, instead of fearing objections, embrace them. Every objection provides you with a new opportunity to share the right information with a prospect that can move them to the next stage in your sales process.

Source: Keith Rosen, sales coach