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Plus Radio

(Source: AnalyticOwl category analyses 2022-2023)

  • Consumers hear only one radio ad at a time, in contrast to the clutter of many pieces of mail delivered at once
  • Radio generates new customers by branding an advertiser. Consumers who are familiar with a brand may be more receptive to direct mail pieces they find in their mail. Radio ads run concurrently with a direct mail campaign can educate consumers about the business and direct them to check their mailboxes for more detail, ordering, etc. Radio can amplify a campaign's impact. In fact, radio can drive awareness lift of a direct mail campaign by 78%.
    (Source: Nielsen study of 4 advertisers in B2B, Auto Aftermarket and Motorcycles)
  • Radio delivers results for advertisers and can lead to purchase. Radio drives brand engagement more than any other medium.
    • 51% of brand conversations among heavy radio listeners results in intent to purchase.
  • (Source: Engagement Labs TotalSocial, 2022-2023)

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