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RAB Webinars on Demand


Below you'll find a list of RAB Webinars available on demand, covering a variety of sales, sales management and alternative revenue topics. All webinars are approximately 1 hour in length and require speakers to hear the audio portion.

Instructions: To begin, select a webinar from the list, checkout and pay with any major credit card. When your payment is complete, you will be emailed a link that allows you to access the full webinar for 7 days. Please note, the link will expire 7 days from date of purchase.

If you have questions, please call RAB Member Response at 1-800-232-3131.


Recorded live: March 24, 2015

Win with Advertising Agencies

Tired of wrestling with ridiculous cost-per-point demands, waiting and hoping to get in on a buy, or being overlooked by advertising agencies altogether?
Ad agency execs WANT to work with smart, prepared sales people who understand what they really need from radio and are genuinely interested in helping their agency clients.
From getting a creative brief to getting the buy, understand what makes agencies say "Yes!" to giving you more business.

This webinar is available to RAB Members only.

Price: $49

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Recorded live: February 24, 2015

Benchmarking 2015: Local Radio Stations' Online Revenues

For the third year we have assessed and benchmarked the industry's digital sales efforts and RAB releases the results of this year's study in a free webinar for RAB Members.

The study was conducted by Borrell Associates, the leading local ad-tracking firm. Borrell has been tracking digital revenue from more than 7,000 local media companies since 2002.

Join RAB's John Potter and Gordon Borrell and Grey Persons from Borrell Associates as we take a deep dive into how sales forces are tackling digital opportunities. The Special Report and PDF of the slides will be made available to attendees.

This webinar is available to RAB Members only.

Price: Free

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Recorded live: February 10, 2015

Inbound Marketing: Turn Strangers into Customers

Before internet, sales math was simple: 100 calls = 30 contacts = 10 prospects = 3 meetings = 1 client. Now, people no longer answer their phones and dialing for dollars doesn't work the way it used to do. Inbound Marketing's success is making it one of the most popular sales and marketing techniques in use. Matt Sunshine, Executive Vice Present at The Center for Sales Strategy (CSS) will share how your station's website, social media, and other assets can radically increase the number of qualified prospecting leads and generate more sales.

Price: $49.00
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Recorded live: January 20, 2014

The Key to Auto Advertising: Integration

For many auto dealers, their second or third biggest expenditure is their advertising investment. But with more car buyers researching their purchases, automakers are making interactive media a cornerstone of their overall marketing efforts. Bob Shuman, immediate past chairman of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, and owner of Shuman Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, will give suggestions on how radio salespeople should approach dealers as marketing budgets evolve. Lisa Phillips, Director of Digital Sales at Connoisseur Media Long Island, will outline integrated campaigns her stations have developed to successfully grow auto dealer business. Learn what dealers are buying, how radio fits into their plans, and case studies and ideas to keep dealers dollars on your station.

Price: $49.00
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Recorded live: December 9, 2014

Digital Trends and How to Take Advantage of Them

Digital revenue is growing substantially for many local broadcasters. Hear what is working, what is not, and how you can use these ideas to substantially grow your digital revenue. Grey Persons, Director at Borrell Associates reviews media over the years to be able to predict media's future. Borrell Research and consultation supports the outlook for how radio can get ahead of the curve selling digital advertising. The Tim Clarke, Director of Digital for Cox Media Group, Radio Division, shares a philosophy that has been successful for Cox. You can put this to work in your stations for the greatest opportunity for digital success in 2015.

Price: $49.00
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Recorded Live: November, 11, 2014

Sponsorships: Emerging Categories and Strategies

Sponsorship and promotion revenue exceed advertising spending. RAB's John Potter details emerging revenue categories and the strategies brands and advertisers are using. You'll get the 8 most important emerging categories that are showing increased expenditures on sponsorships. Learn what they have as goals for their sponsorships. See case studies of how brands are using sponsorships to activate consumers. You will get the information to prospect the most lucrative business categories and increase your station billing by selling more and better sponsorships.

Price: $49.00
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Recorded Live: October 21, 2014

The Affordable Care Act One Year Later. An Update to Radio's Opportunities

The first year of changes in U.S. Healthcare have impacted advertising and created new and expanded revenue categories. We'll quickly review the impact to radio advertising from the past year then turn our attention to the best prospects for the second year of the ACA. We'll look at healthcare categories and each of their marketing objectives so you can prepare the most compelling proposals. Join us to learn the best prospects and how to sell to them.

Price: $49.00
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Recorded Live: August 26, 2014

Healthcare - Results from the RAB Finding Consumer Trends (F.C.T.) Report

When radio listeners are feeling under the weather, what do they do? Go to the doctor or visit their medicine cabinets? And when they choose a health care professional, what influences that choice?

Results from Finding Consumer Trends Report focused on healthcare is presented by Ruth Presslaff, President of Presslaff Interactive Revenue. This webinar delivers insights that you can use to help diagnose the advertising needs of your current and potential local healthcare professional client needs.

The webinar, a PDF of the slides, and a PDF of the Executive Summary are available to RAB members for $99. The webinar, PowerPoint slides, and the PDF of the Executive Summary are complimentary to all who participated in the survey.

For further information about F.C.T. Reports and how you can participate, email FCTReport@rab.com.

Price: $99.00
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Recorded Live: August 12, 2014

Facts and Figures You Need to Successfully Budget for 2015

We're coming up on budgeting season, that time when your preparation will help or hinder your opportunity for success in the new year. Gathering data to develop an informed budget that is justifiable to the boss is not easy. Get a head start on the information you need from RAB's webinar this month. BIA/Kelsey will release its forecast for 2015.

Learn the trends, economic factors, and revenue projections by medium, ad category, and type so your 2015 budget will be spot-on.

Our guest presenter is Mark Fratrick, BIA/Kelsey's SVP and Chief Economist.

Price: $49.00
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Recorded live: July 15, 2014

How To Sell to Local Professional Service Providers

Radio defines "retail" too narrowly; as �advertisers-who-sell-goods.� A wider-angle view includes service providers for whom radio can be a superb new business generator. Attorneys, Real Estate Agents, veterinarians, Home Improvement, health & fitness, food/wine/spirits are all opportune categories; and these advertisers DON'T measure success by ratings.

During this fast-moving webinar, Holland Cooke outlines success templates that are making money -- on-air and online -- for his client stations and shares specific copy points and other easily-adaptable tactics that have produced results. Learn how simple tools your station already has lets music stations flex the power often used by Talk Radio...without stopping the music.

Price: $49.00
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Recorded live: June 17, 2014

Sonic Brand Study

Hear the results and listen to examples of sonic branding that confirm the incredible power of sound. Get a better understanding of how sound impacts what we see, how we feel and what we consume. Even a brief one or two seconds of sound can trigger powerful brand messaging and explicit visual images.

You'll be able to present to advertisers an entertaining and emotional story of how audio can be an extremely influential tool.

Bob McCurdy, former President of Katz Marketing Solutions, presents the findings.

Price: $49.00
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Recorded Live: May 20, 2014

Social + Mobile, Incremental Revenue for Radio

BIA/Kelsey reveals information about two fast-growing areas of digital advertising. Social continues to evolve as new creative revenue ideas unfold. Mobile has surpassed PC for social and other digital programs. You'll learn the key implications of both social and mobile for radio stations, and opportunities for you to add incremental revenue.

BIA/Kelsey's Senior Analyst, Jed Williams, will present BIA/Kelsey research and recommendations for radio. He'll include case studies of successful station programs you can use as ideas in your own market.

Price: $49.00
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Recorded Live: April 15, 2014

How To Get Your Voicemail Messages Returned

How far into your voicemail message does your prospect get before punching "delete?" Your prospect is distracted with other concerns. Your job is to say something that is going to cut through all of the clutter get their attention. And your name, company and phone number just won't do the job.

Join author, speaker, and radio-pro Dan O�Day as he shares specific examples, key words, secret weapons, and real voicemails that will get your messages returned rather than deleted.

Price: $49.00
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Recorded Live: March 18, 2014

What Radio Salespeople Need To Know About Running a Business

Most radio salespeople have never run a business, making it hard to relate to local business owners. Barry Cohen, Author of Start-Up Smarts and 10 Ways to Screw Up a Campaign will give you the information that will help you get more appointments, build better relationships, and close more local, direct business.

Price: $49.00
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Recorded Live: February 20, 2014

Benchmarking: Local Radio Station's Online Revenues

Do sales reps miss radio goals because they're pressure to sell digital advertising? And when it comes to digital, how much should they be expected to sell? We've often wondered that, too.

RAB again teamed up with Borrell Associates, one of the leading local ad-tracking firms, to assess and benchmark the industry's digital sales efforts. Borrell has been tracking digital revenue from thousands of local media companies since 2002 and has produced a special report for RAB members. The free report benchmarks ad revenues for the radio industry's digital ventures and takes a deep dive into how sales forces are tackling the opportunity.

Join us for this webinar that further explains the details of the report's Executive Summary.

(Registration for survey participants is complimentary.  If you need login information contact RAB Member Response at MemberResponse@RAB.com or 800-232-3131.)

Price: $49.00
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Recorded Live: February 11, 2014

Recapture Auto Dealer Dollars

Auto dealers have moved the majority of their ad budgets to digital media. Between the costs of their website, photography, internet managers, and buying leads, radio budgets have been squeezed. Join us to learn what is trending in the auto advertising, what's on dealers' minds, what they are buying, how radio should fit into their plans, and ideas to bring back to your station.

Price: $49.00
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Recorded Live: January 30, 2014

Home Improvement - Results from the RAB F.C.T. Report

What's on radio listeners' honey-do list for their homes – purchase new appliances or just update their fixtures? And are they DIYers or looking to hire?

This webinar, presented by Michelle Novak, Manager of Client Sales and Services at Presslaff Interactive Revenue, will share insights from this Finding Consumer Trends Report that will help you nail down the data you need to improve current business or hammer out new deals.

The webinar, a PDF of the slides, and a PDF of the Executive Summary are available to RAB members for $99. The webinar, PowerPoint slides, and the PDF of the Executive Summary are complimentary to all who participated in the survey.

Price: $99.00
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Recorded Live: January 14, 2014

Media Opportunities for 2014

BIA/Kelsey projects the best ad categories and trends for 2014. You'll hear the forecast for radio, streaming, digital, mobile and social. Be prepared to target your best prospects this year with the research and recommendations from Rick Ducey, Managing Director of BIA/Kelsey. There�ll be time for you to ask questions and get answers from the expert. Join RAB for this webinar to help assure your successful 2014.

Price: $49.00
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Recorded Live: December 10, 2013

The Art of Negotiation

Once the prospect wants to buy your proposal as much as you want to sell it, a negotiation situation may develop. The client wants the lowest price and most favorable terms. You want the best price and best terms for the station. There are proven strategies and tactics for coming to an agreement... and doing it with low stress. Join RAB's Brandeis Hall to learn negotiation techniques and get tools to help you improve your negotiations:

  • The pre-negotiation planning worksheet
  • The Ten Commandments of Negotiation
  • The importance of "wiggle room"
  • Your defense to 9 common techniques buyers use
  • Exercises for you to role play and practice

This webinar consists of fundamentals designed for radio salespeople and managers who have not previously participated in negotiation training programs. Experienced negotiators may want to participate using this only as a refresher

Price: $49

Price: $49.00
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UPDATED: Healthy Revenue Opportunity from the Affordable Care Act

Recorded: November 26, 2013
Includes Original Webinar from August, 2013

Problems with the Affordable Care Act rollout delayed much of the anticipated advertising revenue. Still there is a tremendous opportunity for radio broadcasters to develop and uncover new and evolving revenue streams from this legislation. This updated webinar covers what we have learned so far, what we have not learned, and the advertising prospects you should be preselling now to enjoy a share of their anticipated ad expenditures.

Join RAB's webinar featuring Dave Burke, President of Burke Media Marketing, on the evolving health care reform opportunities. Dave has spent the past year interviewing, meeting, and studying various stakeholders in health care reform from across the country learning what their challenges are and what opportunities might be ahead. By the end of this webinar you will better understand the challenges of implementing the legislation and more importantly, the revenue opportunities for you.

The full 60 minute webinar from August, 2014 follows this 30 minute update.

Price: $49.00

Price: $49.00
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Recorded Live: November 12, 2013

X-Treme Co-op: 5,000 Sources of Advertising Revenue

Each year, billions of dealer and distributor co-op funds go unclaimed. Why?

  • Dealers/Distributors are not aware of their Manufacturer's co-op program
  • Dealers/Distributors do not understand how to use their co-op funds
  • Dealers/Distributors are intimidated by the push to use digital co-op funds
  • No one reminds dealers about the benefits of participating in a co-op program

Dealer Groups and Distributors are where the big co-op money is cached, but if you're ready for a highly-competitive co-op approach that pays big dividends, join us for this one-hour webinar in which you'll learn:

  • How to create Dealer and Distributor programs that sell
  • Tips to get the Manufacturer's rep on board
  • Strategies for integrating digital co-op mandates
  • To identify co-op-rich Dealer Group / Distributor categories

Who Should Attend?
This session is for mangers and radio sellers who have already mastered local-direct retail co-op funding.

Presenter:   Brandeis Hall, VP/Professional Development, RAB

Price: $49.00
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Recorded Live: October 10, 2013

New Ideas: How to Deliver Web Stuff Your Client REALLY Wants

How well do you know your client's marketing strategy? Do you know EVERYTHING they're doing? Do you know the types of digital marketing your clients are currently using... or maybe want to buy? Are your advertisers allocating more of their ad budgets to email marketing, Google, Facebook or online video?

In this featured RAB webinar, veteran Radio & Web consultant, Mel Taylor (www.MelTaylorMedia.com), will show you how to conduct a digital Client Needs Analysis (CNA). Once you know your clients better, you can take advantage of what Mel will share in this 'must attend' webinar. Mel will show how to create amazingly easy, yet powerful, online solutions using the WordPress content management system (CMS).

This info-packed webinar will open your eyes to the financial benefits of REALLY knowing what your customers and future customers want to do with digital marketing... and then delivering exactly what they want...using tools from providers like WordPress and the reach of Radio.

Price: $49.00
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Recorded Live: September 26, 2013

F.C.T. Report: Shop Talk
Results from the RAB F.C.T. Report on Shopping

Where do radio listeners shop most often? What influences where and how they make their purchases? What items do they purchase for gift giving occasions and the BIG year-end holidays? This webinar, presented by Ruth Presslaff, President of Presslaff Interactive Revenue, will share insights from the Finding Consumer Trends Report that will help you "talk shop" with your local retailers and find out what they need to know to make their registers ring! Produced and offered by the RAB, this is the second in the series of F.C.T. Reports.

The webinar, a PDF of the slides, and a PDF of the Executive Summary are available to RAB members for $99. The webinar, PowerPoint slides, and the PDF of the Executive Summary are complimentary to all who participated in the survey.

Price: $99.00
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Recorded Live: September 10, 2013

Integrated Marketing Ideas

Advertisers want integrated campaigns. We'll look at integrated campaign case studies. But not only are advertisers using integrated media, consumers are as well. Consumers may hear about an advertiser on our air, but check out digital media before buying the advertised product or service. If we do not help our advertisers understand the importance of all consumer touch points, we'll not get advertisers to renew. Join us for this webinar with RAB's John Potter and guest presenter, Chris Pendl, Creative Director with Bonneville Seattle, and learn:

  • The 3 simple steps for developing integrated campaigns
  • Case studies of successful integrated media campaigns
  • The old vs. new consumer buying cycle
  • Transition for consumers is easy... advertisers not so much
  • What your retailers MUST KNOW to survive this decade

You'll look at servicing your advertisers in a whole new way by the end of this webinar.

Price: $49.00
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Recorded Live: August 13, 2013

Closing the Deal (The RAB Proven System for Improving Closing Ratios)

We hear this question from members more than any other: "What tips do you have on closing?" We'll give you a proven process in this webinar that will increase your closing ratio. You’ll learn to setup a successful close by properly:

  • Prospecting
  • Setting the appointment
  • Researching the client
  • Conducting an in-depth client needs analysis
  • Writing a custom proposal (the easy way)
  • Presenting a compelling recommendation

You’ll hear the highlights from RAB’s Radio Marketing Professional (RMP) training and certification course. This webinar is for salespeople and managers who have not previously participated in RAB’s training and for those needing a quick refresher.

Price: $49.00
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Recorded Live: July 16, 2013

Creative Copywriting that Gets Advertiser Results

If you are responsible for writing commercials, or consulting with your advertisers on what makes good commercial copy, join award-winning creative expert, Jeffrey Hedquist, as he shares his techniques for effective commercials and ways to generate compelling ideas. In this webinar, learn...

  • The surprising questions to ask your client that trigger a great campaign.
  • 3 ways to break through the wall of mediocrity.
  • The most powerful technique known to make every commercial interactive.

Plus, Jeffrey will share audio examples demonstrating effective ways to write commercials that get results for local direct clients in every size market.

Price: $49.00
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Recorded Live: June 11, 2013

Assessing Local Digital Sales Forces
(Compensation, Attitudes, and Effectiveness)

Borrell Associates' 2013 update of media sales forces is now available. This RAB webinar will be delivered by Greg Harmon, Senior Research Analyst at Borrell and principle author of the report. Jim Brown, Director of Sales at Borrell, will participate.

Greg will focus on successful radio sales staffs' structure and compensation. Join us for this webinar to learn:

  • How much digital account executives earn
  • Key differences on how traditional AEs are compensated versus digital-only AEs
  • Recommendations on how media companies structure compensation plans to drive digital sales
  • Details on respondents' current sales compensation plans.

Price: $89.00
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Recorded Live: June 11, 2013

Get More Done: Time Management for Sellers and Managers

There's never enough time to get everything done. But successful people find time to become successful. You'll learn the 3 most important things America's top billers do on a daily basis. And you'll learn 10 tips for managing your time in order to get to the most important things.

Managing time starts with setting your goals. Have your goals written down? If not, join us to hear how to set goals, determine necessary tasks to achieve those goals, prioritize your tasks, and have time to handle everything for your clients, your family and for yourself .

Price: $49.00
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Recorded Live: May 21, 2013

Data to Drive Your Automotive Sales

Do you want to know what over 28,000 radio listeners are thinking about the automotive category? We bet your clients do.

Radio listeners of 200 radio stations coast to coast were asked about their brand preferences, buying intentions and in-car listening and dashboard opinions. Now we want to share the results with you. Join us for a consumer insights-based webinar to find out what vehicles consumers plan on buying next, when they plan on buying them, what advertising influences them most and more.

This RAB hosted webinar, presented in partnership with Presslaff Interactive, will present results of the Finding Consumer Trends reports. These reports are based on turn-key, national online survey responses.

The webinar, presented by Ruth Presslaff, President of Presslaff Interactive Revenue, will provide key insights needed to open doors and develop conversations to sell to your local auto local advertisers and increase your station's share.

There is no fee for this RAB members-only webinar.

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Recorded Live: May 14, 2013

Getting the Appointment Using Valid Business Reasons

It's harder than ever to get appointments with prospects. If you don't have a Valid Business Reason and communicate that clearly, you won't get your foot in the door. Join this webinar and learn ...

  • How to define and create your Valid Business Reason
  • Prep work to ignite the prospect's interest
  • Ways to get past the gatekeeper
  • Strategies to address any objections

Price: $49.00
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Recorded Live: April 19, 2013

Digital Dimes Develop Decent Dollars

Digital dimes are adding up to significant dollars for media that focus on one simple concept: good marketing reflects shopping patterns. Brian Foster, Vice President of NextMedia 360, will present a different look at selling digital that has created success for NextMedia

If you figure out how people shop for your advertiser's product, you can create a campaign that stands out and helps them thrive in a crowded marketplace. What is radio's place in the consumer shopping pattern? How about digital? Facebook currently suggests 3-16 cent CPM bids for their display ads (unsorted national impressions). The handwriting is on the wall, move past display ads to create something of real value for advertisers and yourself.

Focusing heavily on solutions, Brian will walk you through the process of creating a digital division that not only creates exclusive digital revenue, but helps drive more radio sales.

Brian Foster has been the Vice President of NM360 since its inception in 2008, before that he was the Market Manger for 5 successful stations in Aurora/Naperville IL. Never short of passion or opinions, he promises to give you a new perspective on digital and how it can become an everyday part of your operation.

If you believe the old adage "radio can get them to your front door, but you have to close the deal," you really need to attend this webinar.

Learn how to make digital revenue beyond selling your banner ads.

Price: $49.00
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Recorded Live: March 12, 2013

Non-Traditional Isn't Non-Traditional Anymore

Advertisers no longer view their sponsorships and other promotional marketing efforts (events, cause marketing, sports marketing, etc.) as inferior to their on-air advertising. in fact, most companies have been investing greater dollars in these areas than in traditional advertising venues for nearly a decade.

Stations that are serious about meeting revenue goals are learning that off-air assets can be just as lucrative, or more so, as any on-air campaign. As advertisers of all sizes looking aggressively for opportunities to connect with consumers beyond traditional channels your stations can be positioned to reap the financial benefits.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to find the decision-makers who control "non-traditional" budgets
  • What specific objectives marketers are looking to achieve with these campaigns
  • Ideas and case studies on a variety of revenue-building programs you can implement at your stations

Price: $49.00
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Recorded live March 7, 2013

Benchmarking Radio's Online Revenue

Radio websites generating millions of dollars? Highly profitable? Join us for a lively webinar as we discuss the findings of the Borrell-RAB report, "Benchmarking: Local Radio Stations' Online Revenues." The webinar will feature the report's principal author, Gordon Borrell from Borrell Associates, as well as Rob McCracken, Director of Business Development and Strategy for Hubbard Interactive, who will discuss Hubbard's strategies for driving digital revenue. Hubbard is a top digital performer in the radio industry. The webinar will help stations "get square" on how much they should be making - if they want to be average among peers - but focus mainly on how much is possible based on Borrell's survey of digital revenues and expenses at thousands of local media properties.

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Recorded Live: February 5, 2013

Auto Dealer Marketing Will Never Be the Same
(There's a New Philosophy and New Needs From Radio)

Auto dealer advertising has changed 180 degrees from traffic-driving, on air commercials in the digital age. Now, dealers are driving traffic by buying Internet leads.

Radio remains viable and important to dealers, just for different reasons. This webinar features an inside look from the dealer perspective of what you need to be talking about when calling on them.

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • What a 14.5 million vehicle years means to automotive marketing
  • How Internet leads drive traffic
  • The value of branding with radio
  • What is important to dealers: the profit centers
  • How to use the automotive vocabulary to build credibility
  • The data to dazzle dealers

Join RAB's John Potter and guest presenter, Art Versnick, former radio manager turned auto dealer marketer, as he gives us a look from the inside of auto dealerships.

Price: $49.00
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Recorded Live: December 4, 2012

Digital Changes the Shape of Advertising
A Look at 2012 Online Revenue and the 2013 Forecast

Local advertisers are spending more in online advertising and promotions than you may think. Gordon Borrell, CEO of Borrell Associates, presents findings of 2012 local online advertising and promotion revenue. He will delivers 2013's revenue forecast. Learn why Borrell Associates' slogan says it all: "Tomorrow's Media, Understood Today."

  • You'll get a link to find your market revenue, broken out by State, CBSA, TMA, DMR and County
  • You'll learn which media are doing the best job selling digital
  • You'll get ideas for digital advertising products that generate the most revenue
  • You'll find out the easiest products to sell - the low hanging fruit - you can sell at your station(s)

Price: $49.00
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Understanding Fundamentals of Co-op Funding

Each year, some $50 billion of media advertising is financed through co-op programs. Yet millions of co-op dollars go unused every year because Radio sellers don't know to ask for it or don't how to use it efficiently.

While local retailers often bemoan a lack of advertising monies, there are thousands of manufacturers who will pay for all or part of your local retailers' advertising through Co-op Funding.

In this webinar, designed specifically for Salem Communication, sellers and managers will get up to speed on the fundamentals of Retail-Driven Co-op Funding and ways they can increase Salem Communication's advertising revenues and cut back on retailer attrition using co-op.

In this one-hour session, you will learn:

  • To calculate the Co-op available in your market.
  • How to prospect for co-op-rich categories.
  • Your station’s access to Internet co-op.
  • The 5 most common co-op mistakes to avoid.
  • To use RAB’s co-op tools to get a running head start.

Price: $49.00
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