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Sales Tip - Countering the 'Now is Not a Good Time' Response

Sales Question:

"How should I handle the "Now is not a good time" response? One of my colleagues suggested I reply with "What will be different in a week/month from now?" But is that the best rebuttal to use?"

The Solution:

The "What will be different in a week/month?" rebuttal is argumentative in my book, and although it's better than saying "OK" and hanging up, it's a flawed solution because it doesn't address/fix the real problem that caused the "now's not a good time" response.

If you want to eliminate or at the very least drastically reduce the amount of times your prospects use this stall tactic on you, you'll need to re-word the opening value statement so that they will want to actually hear what it is that you have to offer by piquing their interest in the first few seconds of the call.

Do that and watch how the "now's not a good time" stall becomes a thing of the past.

Source: Michael Pedone, founder and CEO of SalesBuzz.com