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The Power of Integrated Marketing: It's What Customers Want

Talking to current and potential customers is always a unique conversation for every marketing and sales professional. Their industry, customers, goals and budgets will all be different. Understanding these things is critical in what you present to them. But what do most have in common? They want to purchase advertising from one source.

It's more convenient and cost-effective much of the time. Using multiple vendors has become overly complex, and local businesses don't have the time or resources to manage it. As a local media seller, you can deliver the whole package through integrated marketing. Only proposing certain tactics may be a habit, but it's one worth breaking. However, it is crucial to the success of any advertising campaign to develop a well-thought-out strategy after a complete customer needs analysis. There is a great possibility that during this process, you may both learn more to tailor those tactics.

2024 is shaping up to be lucrative for radio stations in every segment. We've learned from the recent RAB-Borrell benchmarking report on radio digital sales that digital ad sales accounted for 21% of revenue, and the projection for 2024 is an 11% increase. Radio ad revenue will also grow this year, helped by a growing economy and political ad buys.

You'll capture a bigger share by presenting a complete portfolio of tactics. It's the mix that can increase budgets and drive better performance. Propose radio and streaming audio campaigns and OTT/CTV with display and geofencing. Tell advertisers how it benefits them in terms of reach and targeting. Make sure they know you can handle it all for them in addition to your broadcast inventory and event sponsorships.

You can expose their brand to every type of customer they desire. They just need to know all you do and how the multiple tactics based on informed strategy work together to meet their goals. When customers buy multiple tactics from you that are performing, the renewal conversation is much easier, too. It's a win for them and you when you approach every opportunity as a converged seller.

Source: Mallory Bouslog, Senior Account Executive, Marketron