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Sales Tip - He’s the Worst Radio Rep in the Market

That's what one of Terry Dean's clients said about him. The important part is what followed: "Because he doesn't sell radio at all. He sells marketing solutions."

Terry helps his clients market their businesses. And he does a great job of marketing himself as well. You have to take a look at his personal website: http://www.deanofportlandradio.com/index.html. Make sure you invest a couple minutes to watch the video of testimonials.

Are you a creative solutions provider to your clients? Is that your personal brand? How are you marketing yourself to clients and prospects?

Sell solutions, not spots. Write down your goal of making that your brand and review all accounts on your list to determine what creative solutions you could bring to them that will set you apart from other reps.

Once you have created your brand as a solutions provider, market yourself. Develop a blog using a site like WordPress (www.wordpress.com) to post marketing articles and ideas. Create your personal website. WordPress has a webpage tool as well or use a site like GoDaddy (www.godaddy.com). Record a video of your client testimonials and post it on YouTube (www.youtube.com).

Build out your LinkedIn page (www.linkedin.com) to include all of LinkedIn's features like Honors and Awards, Organizations, and Activities. Join LinkedIn marketing groups. Use Facebook and Twitter to post marketing articles and link to your testimonial video.

Learn more from Terry first-hand at the Radio Show in Orlando September 18-20, where he will be sharing his tips for success on a panel of star local, direct sellers. Register at www.radioshowweb.com.

Source: John Potter, SVP/Professional Development, RAB