Welcome to the Radio Creative Resources Directory.  We've compiled a list of Radio production companies and studios in response to numerous requests from advertisers and agencies who want to find companies that specialize in writing, casting and producing GREAT Radio spots.  Our current edition contains over 60 companies, including many Radio Mercury Award winners.  We have indicated those companies that have won Radio Mercury Awards, either directly or as part of a team with an agency, by listing "Radio Mercury Awards Winner(s)." Companies who were the primary winners of a Grand prize Award are noted as such.

Our goal is to keep the directory as up-to-date as possible.  If you notice an error in a listing, please notify us.  If you want to have your Radio production company or studio listed, please contact Madison Wright at 212-681-7215 or email mercury@rab.com.

This directory has been compiled by the Radio Mercury Awards with the support of the RAB, a sponsor of the Radio Mercury Awards.

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Babble-On Recording Studios

Minneapolis, MN
Carol Bergeron

Babble-On is an award-winning, digital audio recording studio in Minneapolis. We offer audio production services including (but not limited to) voiceover recording, digital patches, editing, mixing and sound design. We're proud to have worked on Radio-Mercury Award-winning spots with some of the best people in the industry. In a nutshell, we're really good at finding ways to help you say what you want to say clearly.

Baker Sound

Philadelphia, PA
Gary Moskowitz, Ellen Kancer

Baker Sound provides a casting service called Voicelink. The only way these voices can be on the Voicelink website is by previous client satisfaction. This service reprents national talent: www.bakersound.com/voicelink/voicelinkhtml.


Chicago, IL
Dave Leffel, Brian Reed

Full service audio facility

Client List: Altoids, Kellogg’s, Harpo Studios, Wal-Mart, Sonic Care, State Farm

Bang Music
"Bang Music + Sound Design"

New York, NY
Sheila Horgan


New York, NY
Jill Cheris

Rumor has it Bar1 owner Joe Barone is a direct descendent of Guglielmo Marconi. However, at Bar1 we’re not claiming that we invented radio. We simply reinvented it. We’re also pretty adept with anything that makes a sound (music, sound design, casting, copywriting etc.). By the way, we did invent sound.

Barry Volk's Sound Advantage

Stinson Beach, CA
Barry Volk

Small & large market jingles, custom music and “on the edge” ad production since 1993. We push the creative envelope and hit more Home Runs. With studios in LA, San Francisco and Scottsdale, AZ our talent pool is unsurpassed from writing to performance to production. See what others are saying. Hear a variety of samples and compare.

Client List: 24 Hr Fitness, CNN, SF Giants, Clausthauler Non-Alcoholic Beer.

Bart Radio, Inc.

Seattle, WA
Bart Smith, Dane Gorman

Bart radio, inc. is a full-service Radio production company. Bart Smith is a multi-award winning Radio producer and director.

Client List: Wendy’s, VW and Mountain Dew.

BENMARadio, Inc.

Parker, CO
Mark Margulies

BENMARadio was created in 1987 as a comprehensive creative services company, offering radio stations around the world the finest in agency-quality copy and production, along with professional consultation designed to better build and maintain revenue.

BG Casting and Production
"From Casting to Talent Payment"

New York, NY
Barbara Goldman

Barbara Goldman has worked within ad agencies and directly for clients for 20 years, casting and producing Radio spots for a range of clients

Client List: Pepsi, Miller Lite, AT&T, Citibank, ABC TV and many retail clients.

Big Science

Pittsburgh, PA
Scot Fleming

Big Science is an award inning music and sound design creative facility, from hip humor to “theater of the mind” drama. Original Music & Sound-Design for Radio, two full-service audio studios, 3D2, digital spot transmission, voice casting, ADR. We’ve produced the internationally acclaimed public Radio show “Everyday Science” since its inception six years ago. Email or call for a current Radio demo CD.


Charlotte, NC
John Hammer

It doesn't matter if a company is "locally owned & operated." No one really cares that the owner & his sister "have 19 years combined experience." Phrases like that don't answer the ONLY question a potential client truly asks of you: "What's in it for ME?" BigMouthAudio WANTS to tell your story. YOU are great at what you do the same way we are great at what we do: creating STRATEGY based CAMPAIGNS. Producing AWARD WINNING commercials. Getting RESULTS. And making YOU look BRILLIANT! If you're happy with "for all your _____ needs", then we're not for you. However, we're betting you're ready to Say Something Important. We're your newest bestest buddy in the world: BigMouthAudio.com!

Buttons Sound
"5-Star Radio Service"

New York, NY
Rich Macar

Terming the new service Five Star Radio Production, the New York City "gourmet" sound house will included its signature "dishes" - creative spot development, producing and directing, versioning, music development, voice casting care of the top talent agencies in the city, and the highest quality editing and mixing services as part of the package deal clients can ask for by name.

Client List: Tiffany & Co., Mike and Ike, Hot Tamales, and Babies 'R Us.

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