Welcome to the Radio Creative Resources Directory.  We've compiled a list of Radio production companies and studios in response to numerous requests from advertisers and agencies who want to find companies that specialize in writing, casting and producing GREAT Radio spots.  Our current edition contains over 60 companies, including many Radio Mercury Award winners.  We have indicated those companies that have won Radio Mercury Awards, either directly or as part of a team with an agency, by listing "Radio Mercury Awards Winner(s)." Companies who were the primary winners of a Grand prize Award are noted as such.

Our goal is to keep the directory as up-to-date as possible.  If you notice an error in a listing, please notify us.  If you want to have your Radio production company or studio listed, please contact Madison Wright at 212-681-7215 or email mercury@rab.com.

This directory has been compiled by the Radio Mercury Awards with the support of the RAB, a sponsor of the Radio Mercury Awards.


World Wide Wadio

"The Next Generation of Great Radio"
Hollywood, CA
Paul Fey
Phone: 323-957-3399
For more than 20 years, World Wide Wadio has been the most decorated radio commercial company on the planet, honored with more than 1,000 awards - including 3 Radio Mercury Awards. We create world-class audio advertising for the world's biggest agencies, brands, and entertainment companies. We also make smaller advertisers, agencies, and brands sound like big ones.

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Sound Lounge Radio

New York, NY
Dana Villarreal

Sound Lounge Radio offers Full-Service Production including: Concept Development, Script Writing, Directorial Supervision, Sound Design, Casting, Original and Stock Music, Recording, Mixing, Location Recording, & Foreign Language Services. Gregg Singer (EP) and Vicky Ferraro (Senior Producer) use their combined 15+ years experience as ad agency producers to help maintain the quality and efficiency of this client-friendly department. Creative Director Tony Mennuto oversees writing and script development, casting, and offers in-studio€ expertise for radio production. To discuss your next radio project please contact Vicky Ferraro at vickyf@soundlounge.com or Gregg Singer at greggs@soundlounge.com


Toronto, ON
Jamie Aplin

We help you write creative, client specific commercials in under a minute. This isn’t your average AI scriptwriter. We combine the creativity of professional (human) copywriters with the speed and versatility of AI, resulting in unlimited options of creative commercials faster than you ever thought possible.


Chicago, IL
Shawn Ballman, Robery Marshell

SUM1 Radio is an award-winning sound design and audio post studio. We utilize industry-leading remote connection technology for recording and mixing with HD audio and video that we co-developed. On staff producers assist with and/or assume all production roles. Worldwide voice casting. Library and original music. Stereo and surround mixing in all formats for all media.

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