Welcome to the Radio Creative Resources Directory.  We've compiled a list of Radio production companies and studios in response to numerous requests from advertisers and agencies who want to find companies that specialize in writing, casting and producing GREAT Radio spots.  Our current edition contains over 60 companies, including many Radio Mercury Award winners.  We have indicated those companies that have won Radio Mercury Awards, either directly or as part of a team with an agency, by listing "Radio Mercury Awards Winner(s)." Companies who were the primary winners of a Grand prize Award are noted as such.

Our goal is to keep the directory as up-to-date as possible.  If you notice an error in a listing, please notify us.  If you want to have your Radio production company or studio listed, please contact Madison Wright at 212-681-7215 or email mercury@rab.com.

This directory has been compiled by the Radio Mercury Awards with the support of the RAB, a sponsor of the Radio Mercury Awards.

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Sixty-Second Airborne

Atlanta, GA
Brian Sack

Sound Advice
"Where Hollywood Goes When Hollywood Goes on Radio"

Hollywood, CA
Lou Schwing

Sound Advice creates and produces Radio commercials for entertainment clients: movie studios, television producers, and related businesses. Our first client asked us to devise a Radio campaign for “Rainman,” in 1988. We survived the experience. We’ve worked for every studio in town, and work for most of them still. We like to take an essentially visual product, remove the visuals, and sell it to people anyway. It’s a perverse but challenging way to serve others. We won’t bore you with claims about how great our work is. You can decide for yourself. Our demo reel is available on our website.

Sound and Fury
“Full service kick-ass radio production.”

Los Angeles, CA
Jill Kershaw

Sound and Fury is a full service radio production company based in Los Angeles with an award winning team of copywriters, producers and audio engineers that create exceptional radio commercials for big time advertising agencies. With over 18 years of production experience we are as passionate as ever about all things audio. Our boutique company specializes in individual creative support for national brands from initial brief to final spot. Services include script development, voice casting, radio production, sound design and original music composition.

Sound Lounge Radio

New York, NY
Gregg Singer

Sound Lounge Radio offers Full-Service Production including: Concept Development, Script Writing, Directorial Supervision, Sound Design, Casting, Original and Stock Music, Recording, Mixing, Location Recording, & Foreign Language Services. Gregg Singer (EP) and Vicky Ferraro (Senior Producer) use their combined 15+ years experience as ad agency producers to help maintain the quality and efficiency of this client-friendly department. Creative Director Tony Mennuto oversees writing and script development, casting, and offers in-studio€ expertise for radio production. To discuss your next radio project please contact Vicky Ferraro at vickyf@soundlounge.com or Gregg Singer at greggs@soundlounge.com

Sound Slave

Chicago, IL
Shawn Ballman

Don’t trust your radio work to just anyone. At SOUND SLAVE, we know the ropes. We’ve packed more than 12 years of award-winning mixes and sound design into one spanking’ new studio. So come on over, strap in and relax while our sonic muscles do your dirty work. Check out our website for details of all our special talents. And get ready for your spots to dominate the airwaves.

Sound Track

Boston, MA
Amy Blankenship
617-303-7500 Ext 610

Client List: McDonalds, XM Satellite, Dunkin Donuts, Hummer

SPG Studios

Burbank, CA
Dominick Biava

SPG Studios is an audio post production facility located in Burbank, California. We specialize in Commercial Voice Over, English Audio Description, Audio post production, Dubbing and localization, 7.1 Dolby theatrical mixing, 5.1 Dolby near-field mixing, dialog editing, SFX creation, and ADR recording. SPG’s team of in-house voice over, ADR, dubbing & localization directors can take your next projects to the highest creative level while having the ability to cast the best voice actors in the LA Area. Some of their work ranges from popular Anime features, video games, TV Animation shows and much more.


Miami, FL
Dee Jean

Client List: Deam Works, Warner Brothers, Publix, Kelloggs, Air Jamaica

Studio Center Corp. Mid America

Memphis, TN

Studio Center Corp. West Coast

Las Vegas, NV

Studio Center Corporation VA

Norfolk, VA
Robin Russ

Studio Center is the largest volume producers of broadcast advertising in the world (14,000+ spots last year). Over 800 awards over the past 36 years including Andy’s, Clios, Tellys, Gold Quills, Silver Screen, Axiems, Addys, etc. and five Best Of Shows. CEO/Executive Producer holds the Oaf’s prestigious Silver Medal for lifetime achievement. Exclusively representing approximately 150 of the industry’s top voiceover artists.

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