Welcome to the Radio Creative Resources Directory.  We've compiled a list of Radio production companies and studios in response to numerous requests from advertisers and agencies who want to find companies that specialize in writing, casting and producing GREAT Radio spots.  Our current edition contains over 60 companies, including many Radio Mercury Award winners.  We have indicated those companies that have won Radio Mercury Awards, either directly or as part of a team with an agency, by listing "Radio Mercury Awards Winner(s)." Companies who were the primary winners of a Grand prize Award are noted as such.

Our goal is to keep the directory as up-to-date as possible.  If you notice an error in a listing, please notify us.  If you want to have your Radio production company or studio listed, please contact Madison Wright at 212-681-7215 or email mercury@rab.com.

This directory has been compiled by the Radio Mercury Awards with the support of the RAB, a sponsor of the Radio Mercury Awards.

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Radio Experts
We Make Great Radio

London, England
Tam McGregor

Why would a company from London want to produce your radio campaigns in the USA? Well, we love radio and that love knows no borders and no boundaries. Our team of writers work on some amazing campaigns for clients in the USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia and of course all over Europe especially the UK. We have a huge amount of US voice overs here in London so we often get busy creating the right sound for US campaigns. Much of our work is for the large film companies, where we produce Big Blockbuster film trailers. You know the kind of stuff with HUGE DEEP voice over, lots of screaming and explosions! We love it! We link to studios in LA, New York, Florida and beyond in our constant mission - to make the best sounding ads in the business. We always say that the best radio ads always start with the best scripts. So our service to the US and Canadian markets is that we dont charge a cent for scriptwriting. Simply call or email us to tell us what your marketing objectives are and we'll put some ideas in front of you that will blow you away! We're often in the States anyway seeing our clients there so we'd love to pop across the pond and share a nice cup of tea with you....

Radio Lounge

Sugar Land, TX
M. Bruce Abbott

Radio Advertising, copywiring and radio production specialists creating effective, award winning radio commercials. Visit www.radioloungeusa.com to read articles, listen to podcast interviews and our online Radio station, and sign up for our free e-newsletter or RSS feed. RADIO LOUNGE helps agencies, direct advertisers, podcasters and broadcasters create memorable messages so that their clients stand out in the roar of the crowd.

Client List: The Houston Texans, Princeton Review, ePerks.com, Pulte Homes

Radio Savant Productions
"We do great Radio. Other than that, we're idiots"

April Winchell

At Radio Savant Productions, we’re confident enough about our work that we don’t go flaunting our accomplishments. We don’t gush about our 1997 $100,000 Radio-Mercury Awards Grand Prize, or the Clios or the One Show or Cannes. We don’t brag about the 1997 Andys (the first time Radio ever took the Grand Prize). We’d never drop names like Nissan, Jack in the Box, Ortho, Everready or Glendale Federal Banks. And we’re not about to quote that ADWEEK piece that said, “April Winchell has almost single-handedly reinvented Radio as a red-hot genre.” Because, frankly, that would be immature. And we have no patience for immaturity. And if you have a problem with that, well, you’re a doody-head.

Radio Works
"Funny Radio, Serious Results"

Houston, TX
Jim Conlan, Bill West, John Brejot

If you’re interested in seeing our awards, drop by and visit our moms anytime (call first). However, if you’re actually more interested in our work — or in talking about how our funny Radio spots have built powerful brand awareness for clients. Custom Radio advertising and production in English and Spanish. Radio works. We make it work better.

Client List: like Administaff, Jiffy Lube, Slick 50 and Heinz 57 Sauce, call John Brejot at Radio Works.

RadioWorks LTD

London, UK
Lesley Nicolle

Q. You’re in America, why work with a company in London? A. Because if that company offers exactly what you need, what’s the difference in today’s connected world between them being in another state vs. another country? For 30 years Capital Radio in London set the standard for radio advertising around the world, producing celebrated and ground breaking campaigns. For many of those years, David Couch was Capital Radio’s Creative Director, inspiring clients and training agency copywriters. Now he leads and manages our team, allowing us to offer unmatched radio advertising expertise to people like you, around the world. US and Canadian clients benefit from our FREE scripting service and when it comes to money, you’ll save on production costs as we’re free of unionised hassles and we own our voice agency and recording studios, giving you direct access to a huge range of UK and USA voiceovers. Add in that we are also a creative partner of Spotify, and whatever you might need - we’d love to work with you.

Client List: B&Q, RSPB, Rosetta Stone, Bose, Amazon, Suzuki, Bacardi

Real Recording Studio

New York, NY
Questar Welsh 

We are a full service facility but most of our post production projects include Voice Recording for… Radio and TV advertising. ADR and Looping for cartoons and film ISDN or Source Connect and phone patch available Protools HD Soundminer - Stock Music and SFX library

Rocket Surgery

Venice, CA
Andy Lerner

Rocket Surgery (formerly Radio In The Nude) is one of the country’s leading resources for Radio creative, casting, and production. With some of the best advertising and production talent available, we create funny, award-winning commercials. We’ve earned a reputation for creating some of the most offbeat and effective commercials in advertising. For a sample of our most recent work and more information, call or go to www.rocketsurgery.com

Client List: HP, Disney, Gatorade and The US Postal Service.


Brooklyn, MA
Lauren Azar

Client List: Subway, Lending Tree, A&E, Jiffy Lube, Talbot, Hummer

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