Welcome to the Radio Creative Resources Directory.  We've compiled a list of Radio production companies and studios in response to numerous requests from advertisers and agencies who want to find companies that specialize in writing, casting and producing GREAT Radio spots.  Our current edition contains over 60 companies, including many Radio Mercury Award winners.  We have indicated those companies that have won Radio Mercury Awards, either directly or as part of a team with an agency, by listing "Radio Mercury Awards Winner(s)." Companies who were the primary winners of a Grand prize Award are noted as such.

Our goal is to keep the directory as up-to-date as possible.  If you notice an error in a listing, please notify us.  If you want to have your Radio production company or studio listed, please contact Madison Wright at 212-681-7215 or email mercury@rab.com.

This directory has been compiled by the Radio Mercury Awards with the support of the RAB, a sponsor of the Radio Mercury Awards.

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7th Planet Radio Pictures
Hollywood's award-winning, premier entertainment radio advertising agency.

Los Angeles, CA
Ted Bonnitt

All we do is radio. For 20 years, we've worked for just about every major movie studio, TV networks and blue chip bank and pharmaceutical clients. Whether you need a la carte or full service, we’ll develop your campaign concepts, prepare scripts, cast, produce and grill our renowned Carne Asada for you atop our ocean view deck. Full service creative and good eats in the heart of beautiful downtown Santa Monica. If you're looking for a vivid, "Big Hollywood Sound" for your product, call us today at 310-394-5000!

Ad Station, The Ad Station

Las Vegas, Nevada
Jim Kelly

Since its inception in 1992, The Ad Station has produced more than 10,000 Musical Images. Reliability, expertise, and prompt customer support are part of the very foundation for achievement that The Ad Station has stood upon. The company has shown time after time that delivery is crucial to success.

AdLab Media Communications

Fairfield, NJ
Barry Cohen

Operated by a former major market production talent and radio station manager. Two studios with 24/7 access. High quality work, quick turnaround, competitive pricing, just outside of NYC. Don’t pay exorbitant prices for someone to fetch the latte! Audio Demo Reel on CD, or go to our website, go to “portfolio” and click on “Broadcast.”

Andrew Frame Soundworks

Ft. Myers, Florida
Andrew Frame
(239) 810-1613

"No job too big or too small. From the written word to the spoken word, it's what we've done since 1995."

ARU Chicago

Chicago, IL
Betty Rack, Lynn Raneau

Full service audio the largest stock music library in the city, In-house casting offered as a service if a client requests.

Client List: McDonald’s Kellogg’s, Toyota, Ford, Mid-West Airlines

Audio Engine

New York, NY
Micheal Part

Audio Engine is an audio postproduction boutique, formed in 2002 by NYC’s leading audio mixers. Our studio, awash with light wood and sunlight in a loft-like production environment, brings together the best talent in the business with four state-of-the-art audio mixing studios

Client List: Nike, Heineken, Milky Way, Subway (Super Bowl) and NASCAR.

Audio Image Markeitng (AIM)
"Creating Sound Advertising"

Lewisburg, PA
Mark Fleisher

At Audio Image Marketing (AIM), we know standing out takes more than a cookie-cutter solution. Our alliance of marketing professionals, creative writers and professional musicians create Radio spots and jingles that hit the target.

Audio Logoz
"Who's humming yours?"

Muscle Shoals, AL
Mike McGuire

Owned by Mike McGuire, from the Grammy award winning country music group SHENANDOAH, 'Audio Logoz' works with your sales staff and uses jingle production as a tool to help you write more business to the tune of $75,000 - $100,000. Musical images, audio logoz, singing commercials - Call them what you like.... but "jingles" are a time-tested way of making a radio advertiser's commercials more effective. We accomplish every radio advertiser's goal: more TRAFFIC... more SALES... and ultimately more PROFITS

Audio Vision Studios

N Miami, FL
Ron Albert

Client List: Burger King, American Express, Toyota

Babble-On Recording Studios

Minneapolis, MN
Carol Bergeron

Babble-On is an award-winning, digital audio recording studio in Minneapolis. We offer audio production services including (but not limited to) voiceover recording, digital patches, editing, mixing and sound design. We're proud to have worked on Radio-Mercury Award-winning spots with some of the best people in the industry. In a nutshell, we're really good at finding ways to help you say what you want to say clearly.

Baker Sound

Philadelphia, PA
Gary Moskowitz, Ellen Kancer

Baker Sound provides a casting service called Voicelink. The only way these voices can be on the Voicelink website is by previous client satisfaction. This service reprents national talent: www.bakersound.com/voicelink/voicelinkhtml.


Chicago, IL
Dave Leffel, Brian Reed

Full service audio facility

Client List: Altoids, Kellogg’s, Harpo Studios, Wal-Mart, Sonic Care, State Farm

Bang Music
"Bang Music + Sound Design"

New York, NY
Sheila Horgan


New York, NY
Jill Cheris

Rumor has it Bar1 owner Joe Barone is a direct descendent of Guglielmo Marconi. However, at Bar1 we’re not claiming that we invented radio. We simply reinvented it. We’re also pretty adept with anything that makes a sound (music, sound design, casting, copywriting etc.). By the way, we did invent sound.

Barry Volk's Sound Advantage

Stinson Beach, CA
Barry Volk

Small & large market jingles, custom music and “on the edge” ad production since 1993. We push the creative envelope and hit more Home Runs. With studios in LA, San Francisco and Scottsdale, AZ our talent pool is unsurpassed from writing to performance to production. See what others are saying. Hear a variety of samples and compare.

Client List: 24 Hr Fitness, CNN, SF Giants, Clausthauler Non-Alcoholic Beer.

Bart Radio, Inc.

Seattle, WA
Bart Smith, Dane Gorman

Bart radio, inc. is a full-service Radio production company. Bart Smith is a multi-award winning Radio producer and director.

Client List: Wendy’s, VW and Mountain Dew.

BENMARadio, Inc.

Parker, CO
Mark Margulies

BENMARadio was created in 1987 as a comprehensive creative services company, offering radio stations around the world the finest in agency-quality copy and production, along with professional consultation designed to better build and maintain revenue.

BG Casting and Production
"From Casting to Talent Payment"

New York, NY
Barbara Goldman

Barbara Goldman has worked within ad agencies and directly for clients for 20 years, casting and producing Radio spots for a range of clients

Client List: Pepsi, Miller Lite, AT&T, Citibank, ABC TV and many retail clients.

Big Science

Pittsburgh, PA
Scot Fleming

Big Science is an award inning music and sound design creative facility, from hip humor to “theater of the mind” drama. Original Music & Sound-Design for Radio, two full-service audio studios, 3D2, digital spot transmission, voice casting, ADR. We’ve produced the internationally acclaimed public Radio show “Everyday Science” since its inception six years ago. Email or call for a current Radio demo CD.


Charlotte, NC
John Hammer

It doesn't matter if a company is "locally owned & operated." No one really cares that the owner & his sister "have 19 years combined experience." Phrases like that don't answer the ONLY question a potential client truly asks of you: "What's in it for ME?" BigMouthAudio WANTS to tell your story. YOU are great at what you do the same way we are great at what we do: creating STRATEGY based CAMPAIGNS. Producing AWARD WINNING commercials. Getting RESULTS. And making YOU look BRILLIANT! If you're happy with "for all your _____ needs", then we're not for you. However, we're betting you're ready to Say Something Important. We're your newest bestest buddy in the world: BigMouthAudio.com!

Buttons Sound
"5-Star Radio Service"

New York, NY
Rich Macar

Terming the new service Five Star Radio Production, the New York City "gourmet" sound house will included its signature "dishes" - creative spot development, producing and directing, versioning, music development, voice casting care of the top talent agencies in the city, and the highest quality editing and mixing services as part of the package deal clients can ask for by name.

Client List: Tiffany & Co., Mike and Ike, Hot Tamales, and Babies 'R Us.

Cashman Commercials
"Sounds Almost Too Good to Be True"

Stevenson Ranch, CA
Marc Cashman

Cashman Commercials is an award-winning production company that writes and produces copy and music for Radio and TV commercials. Over the past 30 years we’ve won over 150 local, regional, national and international advertising awards, producing creative and effective broadcast advertising for hundreds of agencies and clients-direct throughout the U.S. Samples can be heard on our website: www.cashmancommercials.com.

Catfish Music

Chicago, IL
Jeff Boyle

Original music and sound design

Clean Cuts

Washington, DC

Original music and sound design

Client List: TLC, Trading Places, Food Lion, Junk Yard Wars, Independence Air, Turner Broadcasting Company.

Clean Cuts - Baltimore

Baltimore, MD

Client List: TLC, Trading Places, Food Lion, Junk Yard Wars, Independence Air, Turner Broadcasting

Clean Cuts - Silver Springs

Silver Springs, MD

Client List: TLC, Trading Places, Food Lion, Junk Yard Wars, Independence Air, Turner Broadcasting Company

Cloudcast Radio.com
Sounding good doesn't have to cost a fortune!

Brandon, SD
Big John Small

National Award Winning Copywriters, dozens of professional Voice Actors and an amazing custom jingles division, plus our new voice-tracking service to help radio stations grow, without breaking their budgets.Our founder has spoken about the power of advertising to thousands of business owners on each coast and many places in between.

CMG Creative Media

Raleigh, NC
Jeff Nelson

or jeffknelson@aol.com

Commercial Kings
We make you sound good!

Charleston, SC
Milk Styles
786 384 7005

#1 online for Radio Commercial voice overs and production.

Client List: Viacom, BET, Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Red Stripe, Live Nation

Cool Jingles

Kansas City, MO
Jenny Bickford


Toronto, ON
Jamie Aplin

The ultimate Radio Production Library. Imagine having unlimited access to thousands of pre-recorded radio ads, advertising jingles, audio beds, scripts and more. All of it available on-demand and for an incredibly low cost. That's CreativeReady!

Dab-Row Radio
"A Broadcast Agency"

Irvine, CA
Terry Bahr

Dab-Row Radio is a full-service broadcast advertising agency. We’re the foremost successful automotive and direct response, “call to action” agency in the country today. Our philosophy in approaching an advertising campaign is to focus on Radio, the “theater of the mind.” And we have our talent who become synonymous with each account, giving us the synchronicity among multimedia campaigns.

Dan O'Day
“Radio advertising is not an exerise in creativity. It's Mass Salesmanship"

Dan O'Day

Yeah, if you offer him enough money Dan O’Day will create a results-producing radio campaign for you. But O’Day also offers something you just can’t find elsewhere: Strategic consulting on how you can use radio most effectively. He also will invade your town and whip the entire business community into a radio frenzy when you sponsor his “How To Make Money With Your Radio Advertising” seminar.

David Witz Radio Spots
"Ears Pierced"

Philadelphia, PA
David Witz

Philadelphia’s most award-winning radio shop. Full-service creative and production for Sony, Spencer Gifts, Comcast and umpteen others over the past thirty years. We’ve even completely embarrassed the Philadelphia Ad Club by winning a “Best of Radio” ADDY for a strip club. Hear why at our website, then call us and let us get our clothes back on for you.

Client List: Sony, Spencer Gifts, CBS, Comcast and umpteen others

DG Entertainment
"State of the Art Entertainment Advertising and Promotion

Los Angeles, CA
Robbie Davis

You are a busy Creative/Marketing Director. We are TV’s hottest Radio producer. Seinfeld, Frasier, Star Trek Voyager, Baywatch and you. Together we can make great Radio.

Donna Reed
"Voiceovers for Radio, TV, Film & Corporate"

Donna Reed

Donna is one of North America's premiere voice talents, providing clients worldwide with voiceover and narration services. . Credible, smooth, warm delivery. Immediate voiceover delivery via ISDN and MP3 for radio commercials, documentaries, news promos, corporate and multimedia projects.

Client List: ABC TV, First COM Music/One Music, HBO/Cinemax, Radio Disney and The Sundance Channel.

DSV Media | Jingles + Creative
“Sound Investment”

Columbus, OH
Walter Dailey

DSV Media is a jingle-branding company which has served broadcasters all over the U.S. – from Anchorage to Tampa. Over past 13 years, we've created jingle packages, held jingle-sales seminars, produced radio spots, and provided stations with copywriting programs.

Client List: Clients/Partners: Google, CBS, Fox Business, Bing (travel), DirecTV, Entenmann’s Bakery, Mr. Price and scores of small business owners.

Eric Davis Voice-Overs and Creative Services

Orlando, FL
Eric D. Blakey

Eric Davis Voice-Overs and Creative Services is geared toward the recording and creation of high-quality broadcast, non-broadcast audio and audio-to-video productions. With over 35 years of experience in the production and creative industry, we produce superior, retainable audio for our clients marketing aspirations, objectives, and goals by creating compelling audio production for any and all types of media.

Client List: Disney, Universal Studios, Seaworld, Spectrum, AT&T, Publix, Mattress Firm, Steak and Shake

Famous Radio Ranch
"Radio & Relationships: A Match Made in Advertising Heaven"

Sherman Oaks, CA
Dick Orkin

The FAMOUS RADIO RANCH is an award-winning radio advertising production house (founded by Dick Orkin) that is known the world over for highly individualistic story-crafting creative work. Under the auspices of Creative Director Christine Coyle, the Famous Radio Ranch will write original radio spots or simply cast, produce and direct spots already written by agencies or direct clients. The Famous Radio Ranch, consistent with the latest marketing research, believes Radio is the most emotionally intimate and relevant (and cost effective) advertising medium available to advertisers.

Client List: Our clients have ranged from national Clients (Time Magazine, Target, Fat Bastard) to regional and local clients. ( Regional Help Wanted, Conoco, Faygo Beverages, First American Bank in Chicago).

Flying Brick Radio

Annapolis, MD and, New York, NY
Brian Klam

We write and produce Radio commercials that make people want to run out and buy stuff. We’ve won Clio’s, the International Radio Festival of New York, the London Advertising Festival, Andy’s, Addy’s and more. Much more. So much more it’s not even funny. If you want, we can put siren sound effects in your spot, so drive time listeners will think they’re being followed by the cops.

Grace Broadcast Sales
"Sound Ideas for Building Business

Pullman, WA
Rod Schwartz

Radio-Mercury award-winning production company, serving radio stations and advertisers across North America. We work closely with clients to create commercials that move people and products, producing bankable results for you. Owner/Creative Director Rod Schwartz has been selling, writing and producing radio advertising on a daily basis since 1973. Give us a call and let's collaborate build your ideas into an effective radio advertising campaign!

Mix. Music. Audio Indulgence

New York, NY
Jerry Plotkin

Full service radio production. Scripting/Casting/ISDN/Original or library music/Extensive SFX library servers/Mix/Ship/Talent Payment. All in one beautiful new facility.

Client List: BMW, Clinique, Wendy's, Mastercard, Lancome, Trojan, Levi's, Johnson & Johnson, Court TV ,Bounty, Clinique, Pepsi, Verizon.

Hedquist Productions

Fairfield, IA
Jeffrey hedquist

A hot team of Radio visionaries, including a nationwide network of writers, producers, directors, engineers, studios, voice talent, composers, arrangers, musicians and singers. Clients in 44 states. 700+ awards. Scripting from scratch, creative massaging of your scripts or just great production. Nationwide talent pool of over 6,000 voices. Original music and sound design. Huge SFX and music libraries. Digital and analog studios. Engineers who are producers/directors. Free demos. Seminars on how to create radio commercials that gets results and wins awards. Fun!!

Hertz: Radio
Radio and Brand Sound

Manila,, Philippines
Tony Hertz

The Philippines, are you serious?! Well, two things worth knowing. 1) We can provide all the high-class production/music/sound design stuff offered by everyone else in the Directory for less than you’ll pay on either coast, or most parts of the middle. 2) It’ll be written and directed by Tony Hertz - American, a genuine international radio guru, twice on the Cannes Radio jury and still the only winner of both D&AD Black and Yellow Pencils (and a bunch of other weirdly shaped objects). We’ll put our reel up against any in the world. Worth an email!

Hill Holliday Radio

Boston, MA

Emotion is immediate, visceral, and powerful. Above all, it’s affecting. No wonder it influences behavior significantly more than reason. We subconsciously decide with our hearts first — then quickly rationalize our actions. To solve the impossible, we exploit this basic human motivation. We inspire desire that defies logic and wins loyalty beyond reason.

Joey Williams VO
If you are looking for a fresh voice for upcoming projects. Please keep me top of mind?

Joey Williams

Voice Over Talent

Kamen Entertainment Group

New York, NY
Roy or Marina Kamen

Kamen Entertainment Group is an award-winning audio, video, music, and live entertainment Production Company, privately owned and operated by Marina and Roy Kamen. We’ve had our own 11,000 square foot facility in the heart of Times Square since 1987, where we produce award-winning Radio commercials, hit records and exciting live club, trade and sports event shows. We were part of the 2002 $100,000 Radio-Mercury Awards Grand Prize Winning team.

Lime Studios

Santa Monica, CA
Bruce Horowitz

Full Service Audio and Production House.

Client List: Client List: BMW, KFC, Wells Fargo, McDonald’s.

Luminous Sound Studio

Dallas, TX
Celests Gales

Full Service and is associated ith the Loomis Agnecy which anc provide copy for clients

Client List: Client List: Texax Dairy Queen, Stanley Steamer, Pier One Kids, Ford

Maja Audio

Philadelphia, PA
Saxon Fielding Deck

Maja Audio Group is a both a high-end audio production facility and a music & sound design creative group responsible for numerous award winning national spots. Voice casting services are available, drawing on a national pool of top talent.

Oink Ink Radio

New York, NY
Jim Price

Oink Ink writes and/or produces spots for both agencies and advertisers directly. We have won all the requisite radio advertising awards, you know, if you're into that kind of thing. We're not. But if we were it's right about here where we would brag about them and say something to the effect of it being hard to see in our offices because of the light that reflects off the innumerable golden statues.

Outer Planet Creative
"Honest, We'll Make the Logo As Big As You Want"

Bainbridge Island, WA
Ken Bennett

Outer Planet has been writing, casting and producing humorous, highly effective radio advertising since 1995.

Client List: Carl’s Jr., Volvo, Kodak, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Alaska Airlines, Cingular Wireless, and hundreds of

Outlaw Sound
"Winners For Excellence in Radio Production"

Hollywood, CA
Allen Roth

Voiceover facility specializing in the digital delivery of CD-quality audio via ISDN with worldwide connectivity. Analog phone patch also available. Pro-Tools digital audio post-production for Radio. Digital music and SFX libraries. Clio, IBA, Mobius, Etc.

Outpost Audio

Miami, FL
Debbie Johnston

Client List: McDonald’s, TJ Max, Marshals, Bud, NFL

“Visual Sound”

New York, NY
Bob Pomann, President

Full-service midtown Manhattan audio-post and sound design facility located on the Penthouse floor Pomann specializes in radio, television, interactive, long format animation, reality shows, documentary, ISDN, and film. Complete in-house production, we can write, cast, and compose. 2010 Gold Winner Cannes Lions Advertising Awards and The One Show, Silver Winner London International Festival, Radio Mercury Finalist - Dos Equis radio, EURO RSCG, "The Most Interesting Man in the World" campaign.

Pond Radio Entertainment

San Francisco, CA
Sam Pond

Pond Radio Entertainment is your creative and production resource for award-winning Radio advertising, the kind of entertaining Radio spots people actually call in and request. We believe Radio is a wonderful medium for telling stories, inspiring laughter and, above all, instigating response. And so should its advertising. Sam Pond has garnered a national reputation over the years, having been honored with hundreds of awards, primarily in Radio: Radio-Mercury Awards, the One Show, Clios, Obies, Communication Arts, San Francisco Show, Addys and the prestigious Howard Gossage Award for Copywriting

Propeller Music Group

New York, NY
Gregg Singer

PROPELLER Music Group is a full-service music production company creating innovative original music for media including commercials, films, television, radio, and the web. We are insanely dedicated to bringing the highest levels of creativity, artistry and communication to music composition, music supervision and audio services. PROPELLER draws on its unique experience, both in contemporary music production and on the ad agency side, to make working with us an actual pleasure, both creatively and logistically. We know how to understand what you need and create fresh, unexpected solutions that clarify and enhance your message. Plus, we’ll make you dinner and rub your feet. Maybe.

Purple Ridge Recording Studio

Canton, NC
Patti Pinkston

Hours by appt only

Radio Experts
We Make Great Radio

London, England
Tam McGregor

Why would a company from London want to produce your radio campaigns in the USA? Well, we love radio and that love knows no borders and no boundaries. Our team of writers work on some amazing campaigns for clients in the USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia and of course all over Europe especially the UK. We have a huge amount of US voice overs here in London so we often get busy creating the right sound for US campaigns. Much of our work is for the large film companies, where we produce Big Blockbuster film trailers. You know the kind of stuff with HUGE DEEP voice over, lots of screaming and explosions! We love it! We link to studios in LA, New York, Florida and beyond in our constant mission - to make the best sounding ads in the business. We always say that the best radio ads always start with the best scripts. So our service to the US and Canadian markets is that we dont charge a cent for scriptwriting. Simply call or email us to tell us what your marketing objectives are and we'll put some ideas in front of you that will blow you away! We're often in the States anyway seeing our clients there so we'd love to pop across the pond and share a nice cup of tea with you....

Radio Lounge

Sugar Land, TX
M. Bruce Abbott

Radio Advertising, copywiring and radio production specialists creating effective, award winning radio commercials. Visit www.radioloungeusa.com to read articles, listen to podcast interviews and our online Radio station, and sign up for our free e-newsletter or RSS feed. RADIO LOUNGE helps agencies, direct advertisers, podcasters and broadcasters create memorable messages so that their clients stand out in the roar of the crowd.

Client List: The Houston Texans, Princeton Review, ePerks.com, Pulte Homes

Radio Savant Productions
"We do great Radio. Other than that, we're idiots"

April Winchell

At Radio Savant Productions, we’re confident enough about our work that we don’t go flaunting our accomplishments. We don’t gush about our 1997 $100,000 Radio-Mercury Awards Grand Prize, or the Clios or the One Show or Cannes. We don’t brag about the 1997 Andys (the first time Radio ever took the Grand Prize). We’d never drop names like Nissan, Jack in the Box, Ortho, Everready or Glendale Federal Banks. And we’re not about to quote that ADWEEK piece that said, “April Winchell has almost single-handedly reinvented Radio as a red-hot genre.” Because, frankly, that would be immature. And we have no patience for immaturity. And if you have a problem with that, well, you’re a doody-head.

Radio Works
"Funny Radio, Serious Results"

Houston, TX
Jim Conlan, Bill West, John Brejot

If you’re interested in seeing our awards, drop by and visit our moms anytime (call first). However, if you’re actually more interested in our work — or in talking about how our funny Radio spots have built powerful brand awareness for clients. Custom Radio advertising and production in English and Spanish. Radio works. We make it work better.

Client List: like Administaff, Jiffy Lube, Slick 50 and Heinz 57 Sauce, call John Brejot at Radio Works.

RadioWorks LTD

London, UK
Lesley Nicolle

Q. You’re in America, why work with a company in London? A. Because if that company offers exactly what you need, what’s the difference in today’s connected world between them being in another state vs. another country? For 30 years Capital Radio in London set the standard for radio advertising around the world, producing celebrated and ground breaking campaigns. For many of those years, David Couch was Capital Radio’s Creative Director, inspiring clients and training agency copywriters. Now he leads and manages our team, allowing us to offer unmatched radio advertising expertise to people like you, around the world. US and Canadian clients benefit from our FREE scripting service and when it comes to money, you’ll save on production costs as we’re free of unionised hassles and we own our voice agency and recording studios, giving you direct access to a huge range of UK and USA voiceovers. Add in that we are also a creative partner of Spotify, and whatever you might need - we’d love to work with you.

Client List: B&Q, RSPB, Rosetta Stone, Bose, Amazon, Suzuki, Bacardi

Real Recording Studio

New York, NY
Questar Welsh 

We are a full service facility but most of our post production projects include Voice Recording for… Radio and TV advertising. ADR and Looping for cartoons and film ISDN or Source Connect and phone patch available Protools HD Soundminer - Stock Music and SFX library

Rocket Surgery

Venice, CA
Andy Lerner

Rocket Surgery (formerly Radio In The Nude) is one of the country’s leading resources for Radio creative, casting, and production. With some of the best advertising and production talent available, we create funny, award-winning commercials. We’ve earned a reputation for creating some of the most offbeat and effective commercials in advertising. For a sample of our most recent work and more information, call or go to www.rocketsurgery.com

Client List: HP, Disney, Gatorade and The US Postal Service.


Brooklyn, MA
Lauren Azar

Client List: Subway, Lending Tree, A&E, Jiffy Lube, Talbot, Hummer

Sixty-Second Airborne

Atlanta, GA
Brian Sack

Sound Advice
"Where Hollywood Goes When Hollywood Goes on Radio"

Hollywood, CA
Lou Schwing

Sound Advice creates and produces Radio commercials for entertainment clients: movie studios, television producers, and related businesses. Our first client asked us to devise a Radio campaign for “Rainman,” in 1988. We survived the experience. We’ve worked for every studio in town, and work for most of them still. We like to take an essentially visual product, remove the visuals, and sell it to people anyway. It’s a perverse but challenging way to serve others. We won’t bore you with claims about how great our work is. You can decide for yourself. Our demo reel is available on our website.

Sound and Fury
“Full service kick-ass radio production.”

Los Angeles, CA
Jill Kershaw

Sound and Fury is a full service radio production company based in Los Angeles with an award winning team of copywriters, producers and audio engineers that create exceptional radio commercials for big time advertising agencies. With over 18 years of production experience we are as passionate as ever about all things audio. Our boutique company specializes in individual creative support for national brands from initial brief to final spot. Services include script development, voice casting, radio production, sound design and original music composition.

Sound Lounge Radio

New York, NY
Gregg Singer

Sound Lounge Radio offers Full-Service Production including: Concept Development, Script Writing, Directorial Supervision, Sound Design, Casting, Original and Stock Music, Recording, Mixing, Location Recording, & Foreign Language Services. Gregg Singer (EP) and Vicky Ferraro (Senior Producer) use their combined 15+ years experience as ad agency producers to help maintain the quality and efficiency of this client-friendly department. Creative Director Tony Mennuto oversees writing and script development, casting, and offers in-studio€ expertise for radio production. To discuss your next radio project please contact Vicky Ferraro at vickyf@soundlounge.com or Gregg Singer at greggs@soundlounge.com

Sound Slave

Chicago, IL
Shawn Ballman

Don’t trust your radio work to just anyone. At SOUND SLAVE, we know the ropes. We’ve packed more than 12 years of award-winning mixes and sound design into one spanking’ new studio. So come on over, strap in and relax while our sonic muscles do your dirty work. Check out our website for details of all our special talents. And get ready for your spots to dominate the airwaves.

Sound Track

Boston, MA
Amy Blankenship
617-303-7500 Ext 610

Client List: McDonalds, XM Satellite, Dunkin Donuts, Hummer

SPG Studios

Burbank, CA
Dominick Biava

SPG Studios is an audio post production facility located in Burbank, California. We specialize in Commercial Voice Over, English Audio Description, Audio post production, Dubbing and localization, 7.1 Dolby theatrical mixing, 5.1 Dolby near-field mixing, dialog editing, SFX creation, and ADR recording. SPG’s team of in-house voice over, ADR, dubbing & localization directors can take your next projects to the highest creative level while having the ability to cast the best voice actors in the LA Area. Some of their work ranges from popular Anime features, video games, TV Animation shows and much more.


Miami, FL
Dee Jean

Client List: Deam Works, Warner Brothers, Publix, Kelloggs, Air Jamaica

Studio Center Corp. Mid America

Memphis, TN

Studio Center Corp. West Coast

Las Vegas, NV

Studio Center Corporation VA

Norfolk, VA
Robin Russ

Studio Center is the largest volume producers of broadcast advertising in the world (14,000+ spots last year). Over 800 awards over the past 36 years including Andy’s, Clios, Tellys, Gold Quills, Silver Screen, Axiems, Addys, etc. and five Best Of Shows. CEO/Executive Producer holds the Oaf’s prestigious Silver Medal for lifetime achievement. Exclusively representing approximately 150 of the industry’s top voiceover artists.

The Bamboo Agency
“We’re Spot On”

Miami/Ft. Lauderdale/West Palm Beach, FL
Jeff Mustard

Radio. It’s the great equalizer. For a fraction of the cost of producing a television spot, you can have a world class radio commercial. It’s all about the creative and that’s what we’re all about. If you’re a small company, you can “sound” like a big company. If you’re already a “big” company, well we’ll make you sound bigger, better, maybe even funny. Chances are you’re not funny. That’s okay, it’s what we do. You want straight reads, single voice, you got it. You want multiple voices, characters, skits, vignettes? Yup, we do that too. If you hear it in your head, we’ll put it in your hands. From clever creative, to voice casting and exceptional production, give us a call, we do it all, we’ll make it happen. Bottom line, we’re Spot On.

The Commercial Clinic

San Diego, CA
James Alburger and Penny Abshire

We produce creative Radio commercials; how many Radio spots have you heard that feature a “happy hippo?” We work with advertisers who want more effective Radio and agencies that want more creative commercials. Our award-winning commercials are designed to reach an audience on an emotional level through the use of humor and storytelling. We feature the voice talents of James Alburger and Penny Abshire, and we have an in-house talent pool of very talented voice actors.

The Woo Agency
We Woo people to brands

Culver City, CA
Richard Perlmutter


Tuesday Productions
"Hoods, Lines and Thinkers"

San Diego, CA
Miles Richmond

Over 10,000 musical campaigns produced including the first RAB “Radio Gets Results” musical campaign. Free, no-obligation music demos from our extensive “re-sing” library. Over 700 In-market, station revenue generating Seminar Programs conducted, “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee...Compete or Get Beat.” Great music production and a fun and creative staff to help you

Voice Creative

Louisville, KY
Neil Holmes

We’re addicted. Voice Creative is addicted to listener focused advertising. We’re addicted to moving listeners to the client. We’re addicted to enormous results. Ready to reap the rewards of our addiction? Voice Creative offers results driven copywriting; male, female and child voice actors; and complete audio production for English speaking broadcast stations world-wide. We can provide full service to consulting; copy, voice actors, audio production; in any combination stations and agencies may require. Samples and more online at www.VoiceCreative.com.

World Wide Wadio
"The Next Generation of Great Radio"

Hollywood, CA
Paul Fey

Triple Mercury Award winners, World Wide Wadio is an all-star team of Radio writers, directors and producers who do it all! (In English or Spanish!) From total creative to killer produce-only - in a newly-expanded 10,000 square foot "state-of-the-universe" production and recording facility, featuring outstanding client amenities and the coolest penthouse views of L.A.. Winners of more than 1000 advertising awards. We offer full service production, including the best in Hollywood casting, custom and laser drop scoring, sound design and Foley pit special effects.

Write Label
Meet your on-demand, cost-effective creative team.

New York, NY
Jay Sterin
(603) 722-7177

Whether you want to re-engage old prospects, need creative inspiration, or just hate writing radio scripts, Write Label’s community of freelance creatives can help.

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