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Bleed:  An illustration filling one or more margins and running off the edge of the page or border; used frequently in advertisements.

Column Inch:  Area that is one column wide by one inch deep.

Lineage:  Total amount of space taken up by advertising, expressed in agate lines or column width times inches of depth.  Can refer to a single ad, total ad space for a page, an entire paper or a total amount over some period of time.

Double-Truck:  Two facing pages used for a single, unbroken advertisement.  Also called a two-page spread and usually incorporating the gutter.

Gutter:  The space between columns or margins between facing pages.

Inserts:  An advertisement or magazine that is printed separately and inserted into the folded newspaper.
Also called Free-Standing Inserts (FSIs).

Paywall:  Systems designed to monetize online and other digital information by preventing visitors from accessing all or part of web sites and similar content without having a paid subscription.

Press Run:  Total number of copies printed.

Quarterfold:  One-fourth the size of a broadsheet or standard page (booklet size).

ROP:  Run of paper or run of press.  Denotes advertising that appears on the pages of the newspaper itself (as opposed to pre-printed inserts).

SAU:  Stands for “Standard Advertising Unit.”  SAUs are a series of standard ad size formats that may be accepted in different daily newspapers.  Created to make it easier for a large advertiser to place the same ad in many different newspapers without adjusting the ad to different column specifications.

Shopper/Pennysaver:  A pennysaver (or free ads paper, Friday Ad or shopper) is a kind of free community periodical available in North America (typically weekly or monthly publications) that advertises items for sale. It usually contains classified ads grouped into categories. Many pennysavers also offer local news and entertainment, as well as generic advice information, various syndicated or locally written columns on various topics of interest, limited comics and primetime TV listings.

Tabloid:  A newspaper about half the page size of a standard section.

Tear Sheet:  A full page torn from a newspaper given to an advertiser to show proof of publication.

TMC Publications:  A total market coverage, or TMC, product is a supplement to a newspaper that is delivered free of charge to all households in a newspaper's market or a specific portion or portions of the market. Total Market Coverage products are meant to attract readers to subscribe or purchase copies of the main newspaper and also provide an additional outlet for advertisers.